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Our expertise, our color and texture of our quality and our understanding of our professional services, trust us to unfulfilled and the rest are trying to create a brand for the future.

Ezgim Örme quarter are referred to with the quality word in Turkey market with the experience of a century, known and confidence in the international market, the need to have a solid brand that can fulfill the full and nature, are intended to be a respectful name in the world and society.

The mission of the trust Ezgim Örme texture, and the vision to touch the future ..

EZGİM ÖRME; established in İstanbul Bayrampaşa by the TURAN family, employing more than 200 workers, has become one of the leader in textile  markets by increasing the manufacturing capacity and quality with modern knitting production techniques.

The company comprises women and men high fashion and quality  knitwear,jersey and woven  collections.

The production line mainly used for export market although Ezgim Örme  has two local brands which are “FIGO” and “BLACK RIVER”.